Language, Cognition and Culture Language and perception

 What is verbal hygiene?

It is a thought–provoking term, used by Deborah Cameron describe how People respond to the ‘urge to meddle in matters of language’. It covers a wide range of activities, from writing letters to Editors complaining about the ‘deterioration’ and ‘abuse’ Continue reading “Language, Cognition and Culture Language and perception”

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CHAPTER 8- Ethnicity and Social Networks by Janet Holmes

CHAPTER 8- Ethnicity and Social Networks

* It is often possible for individuals to signal their ethnicity by the language they choose to use. Even when a complete conversation in an ethnic language is not possible, people may use short phrases, Continue reading “CHAPTER 8- Ethnicity and Social Networks by Janet Holmes”

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What do Sociolinguists do? (Janet Holmes Sociolinguistics)

summary of Janet Holmes Sociolinguistics:

CHAPTER 1-What do Sociolinguists do?

Sociolinguistics: a term that refers to the study of the relationship between language and society, and how language is used in multilingual speech communities. Continue reading “What do Sociolinguists do? (Janet Holmes Sociolinguistics)”

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In order to use language effectively and efficiently, we have to know the grammatical structures of the language and its meaning. We also have to know what forms of the language are appropriate for a given situation Continue reading “GRAMMATICAL LEVELS OF ANALYSIS IN LITERARY CRITICISM”

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Hudson’s Sociolinguistics: The social nature of speech

The social nature of speech

Speech plays different roles in social interaction like people shifting furniture would say: To… go… now up a lot… and so on. It can influence ones action or thought. Speech is used to establish social relations-in relation to Malinowski’s “phatic communication” Continue reading “Hudson’s Sociolinguistics: The social nature of speech”

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Language and dialect

Hudson tries to differentiate language from dialect but it turned out to be confusion as usual whether to consider it as a technical term or as untrained people see it. It could also be examined as part of a culture to make distinction between ‘languages’ and dialect’. Continue reading “HUDSON’S SOCIOLINGUISTICS Language and dialect”

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Hudson’s Description of Sociolinguistic: a summary

Description of Sociolinguistic

Hudson defines Sociolinguistics as “the study of language in relation to society.” He says that Sociolinguistics is a recognised part of most language or linguistic courses at university level Continue reading “Hudson’s Description of Sociolinguistic: a summary”

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