Style as the Individual (A representation of personality)

Style as the Individual

Style as an individual is based on the notion that every individual has his/her own unique way of doing things and that no two persons are the same; thus in literary style, one can differentiate between the writings of Achebe and Wole Soyinka based on their use of language amongst other things. A person’s style may also be shaped by his social and political background, religion, inclination, culture, education, geographical location etc. The notion of style as a man sees style as an index personality (Trauggot and prrat. 31). For instance, Achebe tells us a lot about the social and cultural backgrounds of the tradition, Achebe is a preserver and promoter of the African culture; he uses proverbs and his use of language is easily and well understood by the uneducated. ‘… As elders said, if a child washes his hands, he could eat out with kings (8)”.

“When the moon is shining the cripple becomes hungry for a walk.” (10)

The first proverb describes Okonkwo as a great warrior and defender of his people when deity calls (war). He has achieved great things as a young man and so he has been honoured to dine with the chiefs of the land. Wole Soyinka, in his poem titled Night, expresses his unique ideas through the use of figurative language and imagination. This poet is unique in his own personality or characterization and can be identified by his readers. He describes the nightfall and its effect on him using images or his imaginative power. The mist that announces the evening and the warmth experienced during the early part of the night, the evil activities that accompany it.

Your hand is heavy, night upon my brow.

I bear no heart mercuric like the clouds to dare exacerbation from your subtle plough.

…hide me now when night children haunt the earth.

I must hear name! these misted calls yet undo me; naked, unbidden, at nights mated birth

These writers have their own unique way of expressing their ideas across to their readers. This proves that style is an individual or a man.

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